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To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the word

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Changing lives, strengthening a nation... One university scholarship at a time.

Raise Your Hand Foundation (RYHF) is participating in our first year of the Big Day of Giving!

Please join the RYHF Family on May 4th in providing an life-changing difference in Liberia. Your gift of a college scholarship gives hope to an individual, security for a family, and a nation is strengthened - one nurse, engineer, social worker, agriculture specialist, and teacher at a time...

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In 2011 Raise Your Hand Foundation proudly announced our FIRST university graduate on an RYHF scholarship. Today we celebrate this milestone with dozens of RYHF scholarship recipient graduates! As each one of these young men and women enter the Liberian workforce, they represent a life changed by opportunity, a family with a more secure future, and a community strengthened by their service.


I Raise My Hand For Change!! "I Raised My Hand For Change!"
RYHF Student Association, the future leaders of Liberia. To learn more about the RYHF youth movement in Liberia, read on...


The Liberia ConnectionThe Liberia Connection
Raise Your Hand Foundation history and connection to Liberia.
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Your Donated Dollars Go a Long Way in Africa Scholarship

Scholarship Scholarship
Raise Your Hand Foundation (RYHF) scholarships offer personal hope to individuals and benefits a nation.
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