Raise Your Hand Foundation Impact: West Africa
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Together we can make a difference.

We need you!

Donations – We are an all volunteer organization with a personal commitment from our Board of Directors to finance our minimal overhead costs. We make this commitment to you – 100% of your donated dollars go directly to fund our scholarship, remedial tutoring, and campus programs in Liberia. click here.

Mentoring – We are in need of American and African career mentors to journey alongside our Liberian students who are pursuing like career paths. In a nation that was drained of its professional workforce during the long civil war, there are few people who are able to provide the support, practical work insights, and guidance that would be so valuable and appreciated by these motivated young men and women. We will welcome any amount of time you are able to serve. Communications will be via email from the comforts of your office or home computer. For more information or to volunteer, please contact us at mentorvolunteers@ryhf.org.

Students - There are opportunities for both African and American students to get involved!

  • I Raised My Hand: The Youth Movement in Africa - click here
    Formal Launching Ceremony - click here

  • I Raised My Hand: The Youth Movement in America - click here


Call (916) 712-7317 or email info@ryhf.org to learn how you can get involved now!