Raise Your Hand Foundation Impact: West Africa
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The Liberia Connection

A group of gifted young Liberian men and women residing at Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana inspired the Raise Your Hand Foundation movement. They expressed their deep longing to return to Liberia and their passionate desire to contribute toward restoring prosperity in their battered nation. That was in 2006. Most are now resettled in Liberia and are still struggling to rebuild their lives, even a decade post-war. It remains very challenging to find stable employment in Liberia and without an education, these young men and women are at an even greater disadvantage.

An education changes lives, for the individual and for his/her family. It also impacts a community desperate for the professional services our college graduates provide. We have met hundreds of ambitious, talented, and patriotic young adults who have big dreams for their future, limited only by their ability to finance their pursuits.

Despite unimaginable loss and great uncertainty, the unfailing hope these young adults expressed motivated our involvement in their lives.

We are making a difference, one student at a time...

“People are our greatest resource.
All they lack is opportunity”

We are working to change that