Raise Your Hand Foundation Impact: West Africa
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Amid the devastating Ebola crisis of 2014, project "REACH" was created.

At RYHF, we know some life events can change the course of a person's life overnight. The death of a family member, loss of job, medical emergency or accident, or a natural disaster like flooding can mean the abrupt end of school for a student. But we are not a typical scholarship program, we are RYHF "family" to our students, alumni, and administrative partners. When crises hit their lives, we respond.

RYHF has always provided aid to our students in emergency situations. REACH: The Compassion Project is the humanitarian arm of the foundation under which these and other time-urgent needs are now addressed. You will also see RYHF utilize REACH funds from time to time to aid in special humanitarian outreach projects in West Africa.

For stories and photos on special REACH projects, read on...